My blog is a happy haven that I have created and want to share with you. I look forward to interacting with you; share my African heritage, share motivational and inspirational articles and more.


What’s your blog about?
We the Faithful is a blog meant to share interesting topics and share my African heritage, with particular attention toward handcraft designs, fashion and other odd posts.

When did the blog start?
The blog was started on August 10, 2016.

Who are you?
I’m Celestin Chao Mwagogo; a tall, slender Taita from the Coast province with a soft spot for cats and dogs!

Where are you based?

I live in Nairobi, Kenya.

What are your favorite fashion pieces?

I love, love African wear. Anything handmade is a must for me. Also, I love to try out the new trending fashion, not necessarily African. I love Lingerie. My specialty is Lingerie and I will talk a lot about it here because I feel most women have no idea how to go about that department. They’re either not sure about their size or body type or everything in between.

Do you ever sell what you review?

Do you attend press events or industry shows?
I am based in Nairobi where most of the events take place. I try my best to attend some if not all of them. Also, I am open to invites and expenses paid events are not ruled out.

Do you accept sponsorship?
We the Faithful is PR-responsive and I’m glad to discuss advertising and sponsorship on the blog. I always like to give my honest review on products in return I get back links and coverage across my social media channels.


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