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How I changed my bad habits into good and productive habits


Two years ago, nearly today, I started this blog. I had all these great ideas I wanted to implement and information I wanted to share with the online community. Along the way, I lost my zeal.

I wrote a few posts and suddenly stopped. As a matter of fact, a lot of changes took place in my personal life, both good and not so great. I felt incredibly overwhelmed, and I just stopped focusing on what was important.

I took a step back to look at my life and the route it was taking. And I decided it was time I made a complete overhaul in all areas of my life. I started reading and absorbing messages from personal development books and listening to audios of my favorite speakers.

I have compiled a list of the steps I have taken in my life, and I hope they will somehow help you to have the best years of your experience from now on.

Divorce your toxic friends and family members
I don’t know about you, but I was surrounded by toxic friends, colleagues and family members who were consciously or unconsciously complaining, angry, frustrated and manipulative.

I was once the type to carry everyone’s problems and burdens. not to mention all the efforts and time I put to people who did not value me. I came to realize that sometimes it’s okay to put a safe distance away from all the drama and negative energy.

I now focus on me and dedicate my strength to those who value my input in their lives, time and love.

Okay, so this one I am still struggling with it. I know fitness is easy peasy for most people, but I am not in that category. I bought a rope, and I have a treading machine. I used to stare at it for close to 30 minutes and visualize I am exercising.

And then I would go about with other things. Silly right? Talk about taking visualization to the next level. Anyway, nowadays I try to do at least 30 minutes of exercise, and I am reaping the benefits.

I am not a religious person per say. I am not the type who will be all over your face with verses and judging your life choices and all the annoying stuff some religious people partake. Instead, I like to think of myself as a spiritual person. I pray to God. I speak to the universe.

I listen to Zen meditation music. I practice and believe in energy healing, reiki, and the likes, I meditate, and I just pick what I feel what works for me from this group of people or religion and work with it. I practice yoga; I love the energy and healing crystals. I am a sucker for candles. I just love creating a space where I feel at peace with positive energy and thoughts.


I recently got news of a very close family member of mine was diagnosed with a terminal illness. I was devastated. I would go to the hospital where she was admitted and see sick people all around, and negative thoughts clouded my mind.

I was bad energy and not helping the situation at all. But I started to meditate, clearing my mind, taking deep breaths, and being aware of my surroundings. I am now very good at it. I have the right mindset and I am at peace with any tough situation that might come my way because I know it too shall come to pass.

Set goals
I have categorized my goals in terms of big goals and small daily goals, and I have all of them written down. And I commit myself and time to deliver and achieve my goals. When I reach my goal and surpass my expectations, I am motivated to do more, and this gives me so much energy, happiness, and satisfaction.

Block social media accounts
This is the greatest addiction and distraction of all time. To me at least. I used to plan to do a task, and then I end up with numerous tabs open and watching YouTube videos (music) irrelevant stuff that is not related to my current goal or activity. I, therefore, end up wasting my time and energy for absolutely nothing. I would peep on Facebook or Instagram to catch on the latest news, friend’s posts, and then read the comments under the posts.

Being happy and loving myself
Am genuinely satisfied. After getting rid of most of the things keeping me back. Despite whatever may come my way, I am a happy person. I wrote a fun, motivating and accomplished letter to my future self.

Here is a link or, it’s fun, and you get to live with the reasonable and high expectations you have put or envisioned yourself to achieve. I love myself. I don’t compare myself and achievements with others. I take care of my body, I have enough rest. I am not fixated on solving all aspects of my life at one go.

Get away
Get away from your comfort zone, from your desktop and go outside for a walk or run. If you can manage to set aside a few days to travel, that will be a bonus. I travel a lot and meet interesting people and made good friends.  This has opened my eyes to the possibilist of achieving great things in life. And I have more inspiration for my dreams and goals.


I love paper books. But when I can’t help it, I log in to my Kindle or good reads and absorb myself in a great book. Also, I love listening to podcasts and audiobooks.

Delete social media accounts
I had numerous irrelevant apps on my phone.  I got rid of all the unnecessary apps. And my phone and mind appreciate me for that.

Positive affirmations
This is my favorite. Most people don’t believe in this kind of stuff, but it has worked out for me numerous times. The I AM affirmations.




I AM etc.…

Keeping a daily journal
I enjoy filling out my diary with details of my daily activities and achievements.  It keeps me focused and committed and some say it helps you become a better writer.

Vision board
Yep. I have one too. It’s kind of silly when I started thinking about it but when I read on the power behind having a vision board. I also made one for myself.  And every time I look at it I remember my WHY of doing what I am doing.

You need to ask yourself the following questions before embarking on the journey.

What is your life’s purpose?

Are you happy with your current situation?

What is the most important thing to you?

What do you want to achieve?

Who are you doing it for?

Life is phenomenal. Life is beautiful. Despite everything that has passed in my life all the good and the bad. I am grateful because they have all taught me great lessons on life.

Nowadays I smile to people more often, because everyone is going through their journey whether challenging or exciting. I am more aware of my surroundings. I have positive thoughts, and I always attract good circumstances and people in my life.



9 surefire ways to get over a breakup

I love the tips you gave.


In my short 25 years of life I have been through my fair share of breakups; some initiated by me, some expected, some completely out of the blue. But what I have learnt, over time, is that following the below steps are key to allowing yourself to move on and not wallowing or clinging to your past.

Grieve – set yourself a time limit and use that time to properly grieve the relationship. Cry as much as you need, rely on your friends/family and reflect on the relationship. It might sound strange to suggest doing this, but if it doesn’t happen at the very beginning, it will only end up happening at a later stage of the moving on process.

Reflect – even if someone has broken up with you and you were madly in love and didn’t see it coming, try to take a step back and reflect on…

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How to get the right bra fit and size

Believe it or not, 80% of women wear the wrong bra. Nothing feels heavenly like wearing a bra that fits you well. In the past, I used to wear any bra I came across as long as I saw it ‘fit’ me well. As a matter of fact, I would wear bras that would make me feel uncomfortable, unhealthy, some would irritate my skin or cause me back pain. I was not really focused on my bust size and shape. I found out the hard way when I developed chest pains caused by the metal straps and underwire.

Here, I will give you comprehensive advice, on how you can measure your bra size, finds the right bra for your shape and size.

Let’s talk about the anatomy of a bar

Underwire This should sit firmly against your breastbone. The center part should fit flat on your chest, comfortable and not too tight. Your underwire should fully sit on your bust and not on it. If the burst is sitting away from your bust it’s not supporting you properly go down a cup size. If your wire is scarring you under your armpits, go up a cup size.

Under band should sit straight around your body, feeling firm but comfortable with enough space to fit two fingers underneath when the hooks are fastened. If you’re under band is riding up your back or if it’s loose enough to pull away from your body, it’s too big.


Bra hooks bra hooks help you in tightening your bra by hooking on other sets of loops as your bras get worn out or you want it to fit tighter. Also, make sure the hooks don’t dig into your back.


Bra Cups The cup size your breast should not spill over and create a double bust effect. If they do, you probably need to go up a size or two. If the cup size looks a bit baggy, then to need to downsize the cup size.

Bra straps everyone has their own preference but as a general rule, you don’t want them to be too tight nor too lose. They should be tight enough balance to enable you to easily slip off your shoulders.


Common questions I get concerning bras

How do I know I am wearing the right bra?
A bra that fits you well will feel comfortable even when you get home. Unlike the ones you remove the instant, you step into your house. The center part of the bra in-between your cups should sit flat on your chest. The back band should be straight across; your breasts are not supposed to be spilling out on the top or sides. And the straps should not dig into your back.

How do I measure the size of my bra?
Use a measuring tape to measure two key areas: right underneath your rib cage and breast and around your full breasts. This will help determine your breast size and cup size.

My bra cups are bumpy and wrinkly under my outfits.
If you are noticing wrinkling under your clothes in your cups, you should downsize a cup size.

How do I know the bra fits me well?
When you remove your straps and your bra stays in place. You are on the right path.


My bra is irritating and tight around the band.
Loosening up your band will save you the stress. Also, if you have the loosest hook on, try adjusting your band size up. By doing this, chances of you going up or down a cup size may increase.

My underwire digs into my skin
Try wearing out a soft cup bra. Not to mention, you may be wearing the wrong bra size. Check whether the wires are coming up too high under your arms. If so, your cup size is too big.

It obvious that your bra size will change yearly depending on whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding or you may add or lose some weight. All these changes will affect the size of your bra. Wearing the right bra size with the right clothes will make you feel more comfortable and confident.

Always have enough different design of bras. Depending on how often you wash yours, an average should last you up to a year without getting worn out.

10 Steps to help you get over your Ex!

I recently had a chat with my friend’s (both men and women) and we were having an interesting conversation. A number of them have had relationships that have led to heartbreaks and breakdowns. Some have sworn to never get into relationships again. I remember one specific comment, “If you want to live a happy life, never fall in love.” “It’s not worth the effort.”

I beg to disagree.

Dating is fun. However, it can also lead to heartbreak. You often end up with people who are full of lies or believing you can change them to fit your desires. But that’s just how life works. To love or fall in love is a risk you take and chances of you ending up with a great person or worse is very high.

Now that we have established heartbreaks can visit you anytime without warning. How do you deal with the pain? If you’re always getting into constant fights, face criticism and rejection from your current or ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. This article is for you.

Do not keep all the raw and painful feelings bottled inside you. It’s okay to express your emotions. And what better way to do that other than crying your heart out. But give yourself a time limit. Wallowing in self-pity for a long period can lead to depression and that is not what we are after here. Giving yourself time to heal is therapeutic especially if you’re still in love with your ex.

Keep off social media
Okay, that is almost impossible, but you can tweak your social site’s settings and hide him/her from your notifications. This will keep you sane instead of stalking him/her throughout the day.

Talk to someone
Hit up your best friend or someone close and talk about it. Talking about how you feel to someone who understands the pain you’re going through will make you feel a lot better. King Solomon, said, “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.”

Don’t over react
Now, this is important to note. Don’t go sending him endless messages, calling him at odd hours of the night or showing up at his place unexpected. Embarrassing yourself will not help the situation. Instead, use the time to take care of yourself. Go for some pampering, maybe shopping (if you can afford to squander some few dollars) or a day at your favorite spa will relax your mind.

Go out
Your heart is broken and you are sad, as a matter of fact, you are devastated. But that is not the end of the world. Fix your hair, your makeup put on your pretty dress and go out there and have fun. Enjoy life. After all, you only live once. So go out there, meet new people, flirt and just have fun.


Take up a hobby
Do you have something that you have always wanted to learn but for some reason, you have not managed to do it? This, my friends, is the perfect time. If you wanted to learn German, Swahili, read a book, play guitar or cook. This the time to challenge yourself. It will help you forget your troubles and as a bonus, you will equip yourself with a new skill.

Avoid the ‘call’ trap
He’s probably at his house reminiscing on the good old times you two had (you’re probably doing the same, anyway) and he will pick up the phone and call you. Here is how it goes; “Honey, I miss you so much.” You pick up the phone and get all lovey-dovey with him. Next thing you know, you’re in bed together. Silly you! You think you’re back together but the reality dawns on you and you end up heartbroken all over again.


In short, do not answer his calls, do not call him and keep off his favorite joints.

Delete old photos
To make the breakup recovery more effective, get rid of your ex’s pictures from your phone, Facebook and anywhere else you might have placed them. The more you view their images the more the memories you too had together come flooding back, making it harder for you to move on.

Have an open mind
Just because you’ve had a bad experience with your ex doesn’t mean everyone will treat you the same way. You might not be ready to move on just yet, but let someone else be nice to you. Be open to going out for dinner dates and movie nights when invited.


Even thought you might still be in love with your ex, keep in mind that he/she is not the only human on the planet. He might feel like the only man for you but in reality, there is always someone better out there for you. After doing all the above thing, you are now ready to move. Keeping in mind that there are so many nice men and women out here.


9 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is already here with us guys. I cannot explain the number of chocolates and flowers I am seeing everywhere I go it’s making me dizzy (Wonderful dizzy). Restaurants are jam packed and the traffic is crazy. Hawkers are in every corner of Nairobi town selling pretty teddy bears, pink and red hearts and flowers. I have been married for 3 years now and I have come to understand that Valentine’s Day represents love, calmness, and joy.

Just because it’s Valentines doesn’t mean it has to be a nerve-racking day. A lot of people take Valentine’s Day as a matter of life and death – literally. Females will put unreasonable demands to their males and vice verse. Men on their side will feel the pressure of spending money that maybe they don’t have to meet the demands of their better halves. This is a day and moment of love and sharing and catching up.

Here is the ultimate list of Valentine’s date creative ideas I have compiled for you that will give you a memorable, fun and stress-free date.

Buy gifts
It’s Valentine’s Day after all. By all means, if you can, go all the way. Buy the boxes chocolates, flowers wine and everything and enjoy yourselves.


Take kids to your parents and stay home
Find a relative or a babysitter to stay with your kids for a few hours. This way, you will have some free time to relax with your partner, cuddle on the couch and watch a movie, order take out (pizza). This is a guaranteed, romantic hustle free Valentine’s day.

Valentines doesn’t have to be all gilts, glamor, flowers and chocolates. You can work together to clean up the environment by helping with river or park clearing up. You’ll feel proud of the work that you will have accomplished.

Plan an Outdoor Activity
This a great way to stay active and keep fit. You can go for swimming, camping, walking, fishing, hiking and rock climbing.


Plan an Indoor Activity
You can bake together, learn how to make homemade chocolate from online, cook foreign meals or play chess or any other game that you love. It’s fun and exciting to spend the day just the two of you and reconnect.

Visit the Park
I can mention a few places you can go with your partner and just have a nice quiet time together. There is Nairobi National Park if you’re in Mombasa; you can go to Haller ParkHaller Park just to mention a few. Here you are free to talk, eat, laugh, feed some watch and take photos of wild animals and go on nature trails. It’s a fun and memorable experience.


Have Valentine’s Day party
Valentine’s Day is not limited to your partner alone. You can invite friends over for a nice small get together. Have each person carry a dish and drink or you can provide for them. Create lovely memories with your friend and laugh the day or night away.

Cook a nice fancy meal. Google the recipe if you must, pack up some nice wine, food, fruits, and bread. Doesn’t have to be fancy; you can do sandwiches, or just buy fast food and enjoy your meal as you watch other lovebirds enjoy their Valentine’s Day as well. It’s a perfectly romantic Valentine’s Day.

Got to the Beach
If you live near a beach. You, my friend, are the luckiest person I know. Just being at the beach is great and relaxing. Enjoying the water, tropical fruits and basking in the sun is everything in life.


Go through Memory Boxes/Photographs
In this day and age, everyone has their photos stored on their smartphones and all these amazing storage software’s that have come up. But having the old school way of storing images is still a great idea.

Spend the day arranging and going through the stories of your families. Look through images, a joke at the reminders you come across and appreciate how far you’ve come together. It’s cute and romantic to stay up to date with your past.

Valentine’s Day is all about relaxation and enjoying the company of your loved ones despite the situation you’re currently in and create some amazing memories.

Do you have other ideas for outdoor or indoor activities that you have and would like us to experience? Please share in the comment section.

Handmade Swahili Leather Sandals

Today, I decided to share with you some of my African handmade sandals inspiration. I’m online most of the time for work and projects. So in my ‘me’ (personal) time, I like to step back and roam the streets of Nairobi listening to Podcasts. I’m a Podcast fanatic. I literally have a lot of them on my phone. I love listening to Neil Patel and the likes journeys to their success and all.

Anyways, back to sandals. I used to spend hours searching for the perfect sandals. There are some sandals in Kamkunji, cute and glittery. But they are a major disappointment. You can only wear them once and that is the end of their lifespan. They are thin plastic, mass-produced sandals that I can’t even explain what torture you will go through wearing them.

I love comfortable sandals that I can wear with anything, anytime. And – African – handmade – sandals are the perfect answer to this dilemma. I especially love Swahili/ Masaai hand-made sandals. They are beautiful, colorful and comfortable beaded sandals that are skillfully and carefully designed on soft but solid leather straps to create STUNNING sandals.

They come in a variety of different designs and today will focus on the beaded sandals. The Swahili/ Masaai handmade shoes are perfect for picnics outing; beach walks, nature trails and hanging out at home.

Leather straps


  • Made from a variety of different colorful Maasai beads.

Leather 12.jpg

Finished product



You should visit the Maasai markets. You will be overwhelmed by the diversity range they have in store for you. Maybe you like certain sandals but you don’t exactly like the color of beads assembled. Here is the best part. You can have something custom-made to your taste and preference.

10 Tips on How to Deal with Challenges During Pregnancy

What are your fears and joy of being or getting pregnant? I know for a fact that it is not a smooth sailing journey for most women, especially in their first trimester. But generally, being pregnant is such a great gift to experience. During this time, you will be looking forward to having a glowing skin, safe pregnancy, and a healthy baby.

However, there is a common occurrence you will face challenges during this time, as your body adjust to a series of different changes. There is no need for alarm, really; here are some of the most common medical challenges to be on the lookout.

Nausea and Vomiting (Morning Sickness)
You might experience some degree of nausea during your pregnancy. Doctors link this to soaring of gastric problems, estrogen and progesterone hormones during the first three months. Also, you can reduce the severity of morning sickness by eating healthy.

Cramps, Varicose Veins, and Swelling
Cramp is a sudden sharp pain; that occurs in your muscle, swollen feet, ankles or fingers. Veins, particularly in the feet, become swollen. To reduce these effects, you should avoid standing for longer periods of time and ought to exercise regularly to improve your circulation.

Bladder and Bowel Problems
Frequent urination often starts early in the pregnancy, and sometimes it continues all through the pregnancy term. You can experience constipation, meaning you are unable to pass stool as you normally do. In addition to that, leaking urine, also known as incontinence can also occur.

You can eat foods that are high in fiber such as, beans and wholemeal to reduce constipation.  Drink less water to avoid frequent urination.


Sharp Groin Pain
The pain occurs when the round ligaments in your pelvis stretch to accommodate your developing baby. If the ache comes, sit down and rest a few seconds until it subsides.

There are a lot of hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy.  You will experience faintness due to lack of enough oxygen circulation to the brain. When feeling faint, get up slowly after sitting or lying down.

Vaginal Discharge
Vaginal discharge can be quite uncomfortable and keeps coming back. It is commonly known as recurrent thrush. The discharge is caused by ‘Candida albicans,’ a yeast infection. Symptoms occur around your vulvae, such as itching and soreness. But it is relatively harmless and is curable; you will be prescribed an anti-thrush cream.


Make a point to go for regular checkups to know the status of your unborn baby and your health as well.  Furthermore, you should consult your doctor on the above or other related challenges so that by the end of your pregnancy, you will have a bouncy bundle of joy.




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