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How to get the right bra fit and size

Believe it or not, 80% of women wear the wrong bra. Nothing feels heavenly like wearing a bra that fits you well. In the past, I used to wear any bra I came across as long as I saw it ‘fit’ me well. As a matter of fact, I would wear bras that would make me feel uncomfortable, unhealthy, some would irritate my skin or cause me back pain. I was not really focused on my bust size and shape. I found out the hard way when I developed chest pains caused by the metal straps and underwire.

Here, I will give you comprehensive advice, on how you can measure your bra size, finds the right bra for your shape and size.

Let’s talk about the anatomy of a bar

Underwire This should sit firmly against your breastbone. The center part should fit flat on your chest, comfortable and not too tight. Your underwire should fully sit on your bust and not on it. If the burst is sitting away from your bust it’s not supporting you properly go down a cup size. If your wire is scarring you under your armpits, go up a cup size.

Under band should sit straight around your body, feeling firm but comfortable with enough space to fit two fingers underneath when the hooks are fastened. If you’re under band is riding up your back or if it’s loose enough to pull away from your body, it’s too big.


Bra hooks bra hooks help you in tightening your bra by hooking on other sets of loops as your bras get worn out or you want it to fit tighter. Also, make sure the hooks don’t dig into your back.


Bra Cups The cup size your breast should not spill over and create a double bust effect. If they do, you probably need to go up a size or two. If the cup size looks a bit baggy, then to need to downsize the cup size.

Bra straps everyone has their own preference but as a general rule, you don’t want them to be too tight nor too lose. They should be tight enough balance to enable you to easily slip off your shoulders.


Common questions I get concerning bras

How do I know I am wearing the right bra?
A bra that fits you well will feel comfortable even when you get home. Unlike the ones you remove the instant, you step into your house. The center part of the bra in-between your cups should sit flat on your chest. The back band should be straight across; your breasts are not supposed to be spilling out on the top or sides. And the straps should not dig into your back.

How do I measure the size of my bra?
Use a measuring tape to measure two key areas: right underneath your rib cage and breast and around your full breasts. This will help determine your breast size and cup size.

My bra cups are bumpy and wrinkly under my outfits.
If you are noticing wrinkling under your clothes in your cups, you should downsize a cup size.

How do I know the bra fits me well?
When you remove your straps and your bra stays in place. You are on the right path.


My bra is irritating and tight around the band.
Loosening up your band will save you the stress. Also, if you have the loosest hook on, try adjusting your band size up. By doing this, chances of you going up or down a cup size may increase.

My underwire digs into my skin
Try wearing out a soft cup bra. Not to mention, you may be wearing the wrong bra size. Check whether the wires are coming up too high under your arms. If so, your cup size is too big.

It obvious that your bra size will change yearly depending on whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding or you may add or lose some weight. All these changes will affect the size of your bra. Wearing the right bra size with the right clothes will make you feel more comfortable and confident.

Always have enough different design of bras. Depending on how often you wash yours, an average should last you up to a year without getting worn out.


Handmade Swahili Leather Sandals

Today, I decided to share with you some of my African handmade sandals inspiration. I’m online most of the time for work and projects. So in my ‘me’ (personal) time, I like to step back and roam the streets of Nairobi listening to Podcasts. I’m a Podcast fanatic. I literally have a lot of them on my phone. I love listening to Neil Patel and the likes journeys to their success and all.

Anyways, back to sandals. I used to spend hours searching for the perfect sandals. There are some sandals in Kamkunji, cute and glittery. But they are a major disappointment. You can only wear them once and that is the end of their lifespan. They are thin plastic, mass-produced sandals that I can’t even explain what torture you will go through wearing them.

I love comfortable sandals that I can wear with anything, anytime. And – African – handmade – sandals are the perfect answer to this dilemma. I especially love Swahili/ Masaai hand-made sandals. They are beautiful, colorful and comfortable beaded sandals that are skillfully and carefully designed on soft but solid leather straps to create STUNNING sandals.

They come in a variety of different designs and today will focus on the beaded sandals. The Swahili/ Masaai handmade shoes are perfect for picnics outing; beach walks, nature trails and hanging out at home.

Leather straps


  • Made from a variety of different colorful Maasai beads.

Leather 12.jpg

Finished product



You should visit the Maasai markets. You will be overwhelmed by the diversity range they have in store for you. Maybe you like certain sandals but you don’t exactly like the color of beads assembled. Here is the best part. You can have something custom-made to your taste and preference.


This is a must read. Pay close attention, you might find here what you’ve been looking for in Africa (photos might be subject to copyright)


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