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10 Steps to help you get over your Ex!

I recently had a chat with my friend’s (both men and women) and we were having an interesting conversation. A number of them have had relationships that have led to heartbreaks and breakdowns. Some have sworn to never get into relationships again. I remember one specific comment, “If you want to live a happy life, never fall in love.” “It’s not worth the effort.”

I beg to disagree.

Dating is fun. However, it can also lead to heartbreak. You often end up with people who are full of lies or believing you can change them to fit your desires. But that’s just how life works. To love or fall in love is a risk you take and chances of you ending up with a great person or worse is very high.

Now that we have established heartbreaks can visit you anytime without warning. How do you deal with the pain? If you’re always getting into constant fights, face criticism and rejection from your current or ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. This article is for you.

Do not keep all the raw and painful feelings bottled inside you. It’s okay to express your emotions. And what better way to do that other than crying your heart out. But give yourself a time limit. Wallowing in self-pity for a long period can lead to depression and that is not what we are after here. Giving yourself time to heal is therapeutic especially if you’re still in love with your ex.

Keep off social media
Okay, that is almost impossible, but you can tweak your social site’s settings and hide him/her from your notifications. This will keep you sane instead of stalking him/her throughout the day.

Talk to someone
Hit up your best friend or someone close and talk about it. Talking about how you feel to someone who understands the pain you’re going through will make you feel a lot better. King Solomon, said, “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.”

Don’t over react
Now, this is important to note. Don’t go sending him endless messages, calling him at odd hours of the night or showing up at his place unexpected. Embarrassing yourself will not help the situation. Instead, use the time to take care of yourself. Go for some pampering, maybe shopping (if you can afford to squander some few dollars) or a day at your favorite spa will relax your mind.

Go out
Your heart is broken and you are sad, as a matter of fact, you are devastated. But that is not the end of the world. Fix your hair, your makeup put on your pretty dress and go out there and have fun. Enjoy life. After all, you only live once. So go out there, meet new people, flirt and just have fun.


Take up a hobby
Do you have something that you have always wanted to learn but for some reason, you have not managed to do it? This, my friends, is the perfect time. If you wanted to learn German, Swahili, read a book, play guitar or cook. This the time to challenge yourself. It will help you forget your troubles and as a bonus, you will equip yourself with a new skill.

Avoid the ‘call’ trap
He’s probably at his house reminiscing on the good old times you two had (you’re probably doing the same, anyway) and he will pick up the phone and call you. Here is how it goes; “Honey, I miss you so much.” You pick up the phone and get all lovey-dovey with him. Next thing you know, you’re in bed together. Silly you! You think you’re back together but the reality dawns on you and you end up heartbroken all over again.


In short, do not answer his calls, do not call him and keep off his favorite joints.

Delete old photos
To make the breakup recovery more effective, get rid of your ex’s pictures from your phone, Facebook and anywhere else you might have placed them. The more you view their images the more the memories you too had together come flooding back, making it harder for you to move on.

Have an open mind
Just because you’ve had a bad experience with your ex doesn’t mean everyone will treat you the same way. You might not be ready to move on just yet, but let someone else be nice to you. Be open to going out for dinner dates and movie nights when invited.


Even thought you might still be in love with your ex, keep in mind that he/she is not the only human on the planet. He might feel like the only man for you but in reality, there is always someone better out there for you. After doing all the above thing, you are now ready to move. Keeping in mind that there are so many nice men and women out here.



How to Develop a Routine that Works and Saves Time

Ah!!! This week has been a blessing. The weather has been fantastic! It was all sunny and warm temperatures, got to make new friends, learned how to manage my time and had successful jobs. All that has actually made me more productive and I got a few things done here and there.
Now, to tell the truth, I am one of those people who can plan for an activity or something and never follow through. I have had a problem managing my time for as long as I can remember. So trust me when I say I know I have missed a lot of opportunities because of that.

I’m sure some people are going through this terrible phase, or you know someone who has this problem right? So, I had to share with you what has transformed in my daily activities and how I have learned to manage my time. So read on how to develop a routine that works and saves time

Create to do List
You probably have a routine in place that you follow, but it might not necessarily be working out for you. In fact, you might discover you are not efficient and productive in your daily activities as you might think. It is time to reassess your habits and create a to-do list. Do it in the morning or the night before. Be realistic, and you will save time and get more work done.

Clean Out your Table
Trust me; I had the most untidy desk. I am not saying leftover food and clothes were lying all over. But I had a disorganized desk with books, disc, pens and flash discs sprawled all over. There was no space for me to work in comfortably. But now my office is spotless. I get positive vibes and work for longer now.

Getting Rid of Stuff that is Distracting You 
The internet! Yes. I know, I am also a culprit. Once I get on YouTube and Facebook, it’s impossible just to turn them off and concentrate. There is always something exciting happening or some sob story that drains your energy. So stay away from these social media sites until you’re through in doing the task you had set yourself out to do.

Getting Regular Exercise
If you work from home like me, you probably know how much that can take a toll on your body. Especially your back; hence invests in some training equipment. A simple skipping rope will do for starters.

Taking Time Off
You probably want to finish that task or that project in record time. But remember you are human by the end of the day. Take regular breaks, stretch, take a nap, walk or read a book. This will rejuvenate your mind and body and also give you time to rest.
Take a walk and feel the Nature.jpg
Making Most of Your Productive Time of Day
So I discovered I am most productive at night. In fact, I can work and finish loads of work during that period. I am not a morning person. Doesn’t matter how many cups of coffee you force me to drink. Unless it’s something urgent or a deadline I have to beat. Then I will definitely push myself out of bed.

Create a Daily Plan or Schedule
I do make a list but hardly follow it up. But maybe it can help you out plan your day, week, month or the whole of 2017.

Having a Healthy Diet
Who I’m I kidding? No, I don’t eat nuts and salads all day long to stay healthy. I am not too ashamed to say I occasionally find myself in a restaurant getting myself a bag of chips or a salty snack, I have a “salty tooth” But hey, help me out here. Let’s eat more of healthy food stuff this year.

I can’t tell you much about it aside from the fact that I have read the benefits of yoga online. I recently bought myself a small mat, just a regular mat not those overpriced yoga mats. (My sentiments) I have just signed up for some excellent yoga classes on YouTube for beginners. I know! Right…? Everything is online these days.

So, this is my 2017 challenge; to improve my wellness and well-being by practicing yoga and eating right.

What’s yours? Please share. Oh and happy New year. I’m assuming it’s not too-too late yet.

How to Travel Around the World and Get Free or Cheap Accommodation

Who here wants to travel the world this festive season or for the fun of it and has no money?


Okay. I will rephrase that question. Who here longs to travel the world but is on a tight budget?


Let get started then. I don’t want to influence anyone’s pocket. But let’s face it, it’s December, the month of fun and parties and festivals. Hotels and resorts are going to be jam packed and quite expensive this festive season, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying your Christmas out of your comfort zone.

Maybe you want to travel to Mombasa from Kisumu, or Kenya to Ethiopia, Or even Europe and the West Africa and vice versa. You don’t have to be a millionaire to be a tourist’s by your rights.

Did you know that you can be hosted anywhere in the world and get free accommodation? I know right. Me too! I was ecstatic when I found out about this and I had to share with you, my friends.

I have compiled a detailed list of ways and websites you can get free and cheap accommodation across the world.

So sit back and read on tips on how to save money and get free and/or cheap accommodation around the world. (Unless you want to check into 5-star hotels) Please feel free to share with your friends, social network, and friends to give them hope that all hope is not lost. Lol


Trusted Housesitters
Homeowners assign his/her house to you and entrust you to watch over of their house or their pets and stay there for free under mutual agreement. There may be other responsibilities along the way as per the homeowner’s specifications such as (tending their plants etc. etc.)
house siters.JPG
Membership Fee: $95.88 per year

Membership Fee: $89  per year

Membership Fee: $50 per year Membership Fee: $50 per year


Mind My House

Membership Fee: $20 (Php 888+) per year

Make sure you have all the details straightened out between you and the homeowner since, for example, who’s responsibility it will be of covering the utility bills during your stay. Such as Wi-Fi, lights, water, etc., etc. You want to save as much as money as possible, so it’s only fair to yourself you have all these details before your stay.

Couch surfing
The term refers to the act of approving a stranger or friend to live/stay in your home for free, and they can use whatever space you have available; the floor, a spare room or couch. This way, you will enjoy meeting foreign people, free accommodation and experience the local city with your host.

In short, you can choose to be either a host or a ‘couch surfer, ’ and it’s free to connect with people globally who open to the couch and surfing arrangement.


Membership Fee: None (FREE!)
Upgrades: $20 a year to get your account verified and gain more trust and contacts.


Membership Fee: None (FREE!)

Hospitality Club

Membership Fee: None (FREE!)
Upgrades: None

Do a proper search on these websites, check out the reviews or testimonial section which will give you an idea of traveler or host you will be hosting in your house. Furthermore, couch-surfing websites normally have a verification system making trust and transparency between online members; therefore, I would recommend you search for hosts who have their profiles verified.

Act of doing basic or skilled work for an institution or company and in return, they will give you free food and/or accommodation for your effort. These are establishments that are looking for travelers to work part time in sectors such as hostels, fruit farms, hotels, schools, bars, restaurants, etc. etc.


Membership Fee: None (FREE!)

GrassRoots Volunteering

Membership Fee: None (FREE!)

Picking jobs
picking jobs.JPG

Membership Fee: Free

Work away info

Membership Fee: $23  every 2 years

Hostel Travel Jobshouse-travel-jobs

Membership $9.99 one-time payment for lifetime membership


Please Note Do Not take cash in exchange for the work you are volunteering to do. Keep in mind that you are volunteering and not working, otherwise. You will be required to get a work permit or work visa. Still, most institutions will offer you paid jobs even if you don/t have a work permit. In most countries, working in exchange for free accommodation and food is neither illegal nor legal

This arrangement saves you from the cost and trouble of the usual rentals that normally want you to commit long-term (Months or years). Therefore, below is a list of websites that will give you not only more options but also a cheaper alternative.


Trip Advisor



Home exchanges, unlike house sitting, this arrangement means you will trade homes with someone from another country or city for an agreed period, — you will reside in their house, and she/he will live in yours. Most of these home exchange websites have set up their systems in a way that you cannot swap houses with another person at the same time line.



Home Stay


Being an AU PAIR is something you can consider in you want to stay in a foreign country for at least 5 months. The family that is interested in hosting/hiring you will expect you to do some light house around the jobs. In addition to that, they will give you an allowance and food.

Now, you don’t want to do volunteering, I am assuming you have some little money from your travel budget to spend on accommodation, you might as well book yourself into the least expensive hotels, motels & hotels around the world. Here are some of the best websites to look in.

Hostel Combined 

Hostel World

Hostel Bookers
hostel bookers.JPG
Actually, this is the very first step you should take to get free accommodation during your travels. So get on it quickly and make those phone calls to your old family members and old friends to ask if they will be available on a, b, c days and if they will be willing to host you.

In my experience, don’t assume the relationship you have with them, whether they ask you to pay for the cost or not, as a courtesy, I would suggest a Thank You present when they accept your request to stay at their place.

There are so many options to cover on this topics and tips that I will be sharing with you as time goes by. For now, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

This website is for general information purposes only; reading of all information on this website is of your own free will and  it is written, managed, and edited only by me author (Celestin Chao)

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Merry Christmas

10 Tips on How to Deal with Challenges During Pregnancy

What are your fears and joy of being or getting pregnant? I know for a fact that it is not a smooth sailing journey for most women, especially in their first trimester. But generally, being pregnant is such a great gift to experience. During this time, you will be looking forward to having a glowing skin, safe pregnancy, and a healthy baby.

However, there is a common occurrence you will face challenges during this time, as your body adjust to a series of different changes. There is no need for alarm, really; here are some of the most common medical challenges to be on the lookout.

Nausea and Vomiting (Morning Sickness)
You might experience some degree of nausea during your pregnancy. Doctors link this to soaring of gastric problems, estrogen and progesterone hormones during the first three months. Also, you can reduce the severity of morning sickness by eating healthy.

Cramps, Varicose Veins, and Swelling
Cramp is a sudden sharp pain; that occurs in your muscle, swollen feet, ankles or fingers. Veins, particularly in the feet, become swollen. To reduce these effects, you should avoid standing for longer periods of time and ought to exercise regularly to improve your circulation.

Bladder and Bowel Problems
Frequent urination often starts early in the pregnancy, and sometimes it continues all through the pregnancy term. You can experience constipation, meaning you are unable to pass stool as you normally do. In addition to that, leaking urine, also known as incontinence can also occur.

You can eat foods that are high in fiber such as, beans and wholemeal to reduce constipation.  Drink less water to avoid frequent urination.


Sharp Groin Pain
The pain occurs when the round ligaments in your pelvis stretch to accommodate your developing baby. If the ache comes, sit down and rest a few seconds until it subsides.

There are a lot of hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy.  You will experience faintness due to lack of enough oxygen circulation to the brain. When feeling faint, get up slowly after sitting or lying down.

Vaginal Discharge
Vaginal discharge can be quite uncomfortable and keeps coming back. It is commonly known as recurrent thrush. The discharge is caused by ‘Candida albicans,’ a yeast infection. Symptoms occur around your vulvae, such as itching and soreness. But it is relatively harmless and is curable; you will be prescribed an anti-thrush cream.


Make a point to go for regular checkups to know the status of your unborn baby and your health as well.  Furthermore, you should consult your doctor on the above or other related challenges so that by the end of your pregnancy, you will have a bouncy bundle of joy.




The Tale of Arturo my Cat and I

I named my cat Arturo. She is a cute furry bundle of joy. I got the name from some moive program I was watching a few years back (can’t remember the name). Arturo and I have been friends for the longest time ever. Say eight years, or so […]

baby-art  We have forested a relationship that has made communication between us much easier than I had ever hoped. She comes up to me when I’m watching TV, having my meals or when she reveals herself in a particular verbal phrase when she appears in my line of sight.14799887_10209403944047643_1741298094_o

When I come back home from my projects, errands, or work, I actually seek her out to remind her of how much I love her and how much I miss her every time I leave home. Hence, I would peck her on the head, stroke her furry head and her body or use verbal means of communication to communicate.

At times, it would be hard to get hold of her because she would either disappear to our neighbor’s places or would hide somewhere in the house to have a nice quiet nap. I had to learn to predict Arturo’s body language to know what she wanted because her verbal communication of meowing was not always easy to tell exactly what was on her mind.


Arturo can be quite sneaky and at times can be mistrustful. If for instance, you leave your food lying around for a second she would help herself to it, at one time, she came running to the kitchen and came across some hot oil in a pan that had been placed on the floor by my younger brother, and she got one of her ears burnt. Still, I got a Veterinary who treated the wound but lost her ear. But she recovered after the ordeal and survived the eight years without one ear.


Whenever she got hungry, she would shove her empty  plate around the floor. In case she was in the mood of playing, to get my attention, she would play with stuff. And that would get me on my feet, and we would have a nice time just playing anything with her. I had joined the sales and marketing of insurance products, and I was the most nervous person on this earth. Just the mere thought of talking to strangers either on the phone or approach them was terrifying to

Thus, I would sit Arturo down and speak to her as though I was talking to a client to build my confidence. And interestingly enough, she would sit there and just stare at me listening attentively as though she understood what I was saying. (Crazy, I know). But it helped me a lot. In fact, I now have the confidence even to speak in public places and meetings.


She has given birth three times, and I had plans for her to get … I have been giving out her kittens to my friends and only remained with one – male by the name Tin Tin. Tin Tin and her mother had a sort of “frenemy” relationship. They would fight for attention or compete to come and sit where I was and in a particular spot. They would glare at each of there, waved their paws at each other and drew back their ears ready for war. If I expressed my disapproval for their behavior, both or one of them would bolt out of the room annoyed.tin

Unfortunately, last week, Arturo died. I was not home at the moment, but I was informed she got sickly one evening and the next day, she was found dead outside. She left behind Tin Tin and couple of young kittens she had just given birth to. I was devastated when I heard the news.arturo

Arturo had become part of my life. I was at a loss for words. I regretted why I had not started my blog earlier on and shared with you the tales of my Cats, Arturo and Tin Tin. But I will miss her – terribly. I loved her very much, and I hope she has found peace in her animal spirit world. I’m however glad she left us Tin Tin and four more kittens as her legacy. I will keep telling you tales of Tin Tin and her siblings once in a while. Find out more on  Tin Tin’s breed here and Arturo’s breed here.

This is a prayer for my Arturo.

O God, you have redeemed all creation
through the incarnation of your eternal Word;
Protect our pets, your creatures,
who provide us with joy
and nonjudgmental companionship;
Give us respect
for all of your redeemed creation,
that we may care for creation
as just and humble stewards;
We pray this in the name of the same Word, Jesus Christ,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and forever.

Prayer Request for all the Candidates Sitting for their Kenya National Examinations

It’s that time of the year again; finals exams are here candidates are doing their last minute preparations to prepare for their exams. I was in that position once. I know the feeling all too well. I wasn’t one of those students thrilled to do any exam. I mean, who is?

In addition to this, there are so many activities going on that can either make you or break you. So, before we have this extraordinary prayer, I would like to point out a few things first.

Parents; I know you are entitled to your children’s success and all. After all, you have been paying the bills and taking care of them. But here’s the thing, there is so much you can do for them in this last weeks. Some of you parents have resulted to threatening your candidates with unimaginable punishment if they fail (exams they have not taken yet) or threaten to withdraw certain privileges is very unfair. It’s time to support, love, pray and encourage your kids.


Psalm 121:2
My help comes from the Lordthe Maker of heaven and earth.

Life is full of opportunities, if you nature your children’s talents then you might end up with the likes Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Tabitha Mukami Muigai Karanja and Aliko Dangote of this world. Another thing, please, I beg you. I know some or all of you parents, guardian’s and have siblings have sent out messages to everyone and on your phone book letting them know your brother, sister, son or daughter is a candidate this year and they deserve a success card from you.faiith

I know I have gotten A LOT of those messages. Get me right here, I am not against us sending our children success card for a little boost of morale, but let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute. These cards don’t have answers in them. It is after all your kid’s responsibility to have prepared and revised enough for the exam.

So stop with the ultimatum’s and pettiness of so and so did not send my kid a card so I am canceling them from my friend list. Or I won’t talk to my relatives for some time because of the same. Duh! This is not the time to be at crossroads with relatives or friends and spread negative energy all over.

Kindly ask for a word of prayer for their health, success and prosperity. No need to get worked up in case some will not be able to send the cards, judging by the fact that your kid is definitely not the only one sitting for their KCSE OR KCPE.

This is for my two brothers doing their KCSE and all the candidates:17398_10205765046597481_2640666146829619107_n

Guys, congratulations for working hard and been able to reach this crucial time in your life. I do wish you the very best in your exams. This time to sit back and reflect all the knowledge you’ve gained in the past few successful years. That, or completely freak out and find excuses to do anything other than revision. Please, please go in the exam room and know you are not doing them for your parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, school or any other person. You are doing these exams for you and only you.

Secondly, don’t be too engrossed in counting how many cards you have gotten, there’s this favorite  aunt of yours who had promised to send you a card but it never arrived. So you end you getting frustrated and start panicking for no reason. My point being, do you. Whether you receive zero, one or a million cards, they are meant to boost your morale. Trust me; those things don’t come with answers written inside. So work hard, pray, revise and have faith in

Now, with that said, let us pray, please.

Father in heaven, thank you for the gift of good health, life and love that you have shown us. In this examination season dear Lord, we put all our candidates in all fields, whether KCSE, KCPE, university exams, literally, any exams. Lord provide for them, I speak victory in their exams, may all the things they have read all this year be revealed to them in clear memories in Jesus name. We cancel any kinds of illness, laziness, anxiety, stress and negative thinking in Jesus name. May the Holy Spirit guide all their paths in all the days of their lives and may they find peace in your presence.

I declare victory in their lives, their exams, their future, their families and their schools. May everything they touch into GOLD in Jesus mighty name we do pray and also believe.

The world is yours to conquer. Cheers!

Be blessed,


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