Our Story


Kenya is experiencing a severe drought, which has been termed a natural disaster by the government due to the fail of onset rains. People in the coastal part of the country have been the worst affected. Food security and nutrition continue to deteriorate in arid and semi-arid areas such as Taita, Kilifi and Giriama land.

The people are in desperate need for aid in order to sustain their lives and keep their kids from going hungry.


To provide food aid, medical supplies, sanitary pads and monetary assistance to schools and communities in Ndome primary, in Taita Taveta County.


  1. 3 primary schools with a total population of 836 student
  2. 3 selected children’s homes.
  3. 5 identified families of widowed women who have HIV and kids to support.


  • Donate money
  • Donate dry food.
  • Donate clothings
  • Donate medical supplies
  • Donate your time i.e. travel to Taita Taveta with us.
  • Donate stationery i.e. notebooks, pencils, atlases, etc.
  • Donate sanitary pads

Please visit our generosity link to team up with us to make this cause a success.