Today, I decided to share with you some of my African handmade sandals inspiration. I’m online most of the time for work and projects. So in my ‘me’ (personal) time, I like to step back and roam the streets of Nairobi listening to Podcasts. I’m a Podcast fanatic. I literally have a lot of them on my phone. I love listening to Neil Patel and the likes journeys to their success and all.

Anyways, back to sandals. I used to spend hours searching for the perfect sandals. There are some sandals in Kamkunji, cute and glittery. But they are a major disappointment. You can only wear them once and that is the end of their lifespan. They are thin plastic, mass-produced sandals that I can’t even explain what torture you will go through wearing them.

I love comfortable sandals that I can wear with anything, anytime. And – African – handmade – sandals are the perfect answer to this dilemma. I especially love Swahili/ Masaai hand-made sandals. They are beautiful, colorful and comfortable beaded sandals that are skillfully and carefully designed on soft but solid leather straps to create STUNNING sandals.

They come in a variety of different designs and today will focus on the beaded sandals. The Swahili/ Masaai handmade shoes are perfect for picnics outing; beach walks, nature trails and hanging out at home.

Leather straps


  • Made from a variety of different colorful Maasai beads.

Leather 12.jpg

Finished product



You should visit the Maasai markets. You will be overwhelmed by the diversity range they have in store for you. Maybe you like certain sandals but you don’t exactly like the color of beads assembled. Here is the best part. You can have something custom-made to your taste and preference.