The Benefits of Taking a Liquid Calcium Supplement


If you happen to be Lactose intolerance, a condition which people are unable to digest milk. I happen to suffer from this terrible reaction to milk and I know what you are going through. You have to avoid milk at all cost. But the fact remains that you need calcium in your body and since you can’t get it from milk; you need to take calcium supplements instead. It is recommended that you take a balanced diet but this does not guarantee you will get enough calcium that your body requires.

Therefore, you need to know the best calcium supplement, best calcium and magnesium supplement or liquid calcium in order to supplement the level of calcium in the body. If you consume large amounts of sodium or proteins, this can cause excretion of calcium from your body and therefore the need for calcium supplement. If you follow a vegan diet, you should also consider taking a calcium supplement.

There are two main forms of calcium supplements namely: citrate and carbonate. These differ in terms of cost with calcium carbonate being the cheaper option. Calcium supplements are presented in several forms including powders, liquids, tablets, chews and capsules.

Which is the best calcium supplement?
The best calcium supplement is calcium carbonate because it is cheaper as compared to calcium citrate. The best calcium supplement is the one that is easy to swallow, has little or no side effects and is easily absorbed by the body. It should also be portable and convenient to carry around when one is traveling.


Which is the best calcium and magnesium supplement?
This is the form of supplement that is a combination of calcium with minerals; in this case, calcium is combined with magnesium. This is done because calcium and magnesium work together in the body. Calcium is essential for: helping muscles contract and relax, form healthy teeth and bones, in blood clotting and the proper functioning of nerves and cells.

Magnesium is a mineral which helps in the maintenance of the immune system and healthy teeth. It is also useful in regulating blood sugar levels, energy metabolism and maintaining normal blood pressure. It is essential for normal heart rhythm, enzymes, and building proteins. The best calcium and magnesium supplement is the one that is able to offer all of the above benefits to the body.

Benefits of taking liquid calcium
It is normally packaged in a gel capsule which is smaller than a pill. There are several benefits that are associated with taking this supplement. They include:

Absorption: It is easily absorbed into the blood stream, unlike pills which have to dissolve first in order to be absorbed by the body. It is the most ideal for those who may have trouble swallowing pills. It is already broken down when it gets to the stomach hence it is absorbed to the maximum.

Portability: This supplement is packaged just as pills are and is, therefore, portable enough to move around with in total convenience.

Tolerance: You can avoid side effects such as constipation and gas which are associated with calcium supplements in pill form by taking liquid calcium which has no such side effects because it already contains fluids needed to avoid them.

Whichever supplement you chose, whether the best calcium supplement, the best calcium and magnesium supplement or liquid calcium, you should always do so with the advice from your doctor. Liquid calcium is the best calcium supplement that one should take due to the many advantages it has over other forms of calcium supplements.


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