Ah!!! This week has been a blessing. The weather has been fantastic! It was all sunny and warm temperatures, got to make new friends, learned how to manage my time and had successful jobs. All that has actually made me more productive and I got a few things done here and there.
Now, to tell the truth, I am one of those people who can plan for an activity or something and never follow through. I have had a problem managing my time for as long as I can remember. So trust me when I say I know I have missed a lot of opportunities because of that.

I’m sure some people are going through this terrible phase, or you know someone who has this problem right? So, I had to share with you what has transformed in my daily activities and how I have learned to manage my time. So read on how to develop a routine that works and saves time

Create to do List
You probably have a routine in place that you follow, but it might not necessarily be working out for you. In fact, you might discover you are not efficient and productive in your daily activities as you might think. It is time to reassess your habits and create a to-do list. Do it in the morning or the night before. Be realistic, and you will save time and get more work done.

Clean Out your Table
Trust me; I had the most untidy desk. I am not saying leftover food and clothes were lying all over. But I had a disorganized desk with books, disc, pens and flash discs sprawled all over. There was no space for me to work in comfortably. But now my office is spotless. I get positive vibes and work for longer now.

Getting Rid of Stuff that is Distracting You 
The internet! Yes. I know, I am also a culprit. Once I get on YouTube and Facebook, it’s impossible just to turn them off and concentrate. There is always something exciting happening or some sob story that drains your energy. So stay away from these social media sites until you’re through in doing the task you had set yourself out to do.

Getting Regular Exercise
If you work from home like me, you probably know how much that can take a toll on your body. Especially your back; hence invests in some training equipment. A simple skipping rope will do for starters.

Taking Time Off
You probably want to finish that task or that project in record time. But remember you are human by the end of the day. Take regular breaks, stretch, take a nap, walk or read a book. This will rejuvenate your mind and body and also give you time to rest.
Take a walk and feel the Nature.jpg
Making Most of Your Productive Time of Day
So I discovered I am most productive at night. In fact, I can work and finish loads of work during that period. I am not a morning person. Doesn’t matter how many cups of coffee you force me to drink. Unless it’s something urgent or a deadline I have to beat. Then I will definitely push myself out of bed.

Create a Daily Plan or Schedule
I do make a list but hardly follow it up. But maybe it can help you out plan your day, week, month or the whole of 2017.

Having a Healthy Diet
Who I’m I kidding? No, I don’t eat nuts and salads all day long to stay healthy. I am not too ashamed to say I occasionally find myself in a restaurant getting myself a bag of chips or a salty snack, I have a “salty tooth” But hey, help me out here. Let’s eat more of healthy food stuff this year.

I can’t tell you much about it aside from the fact that I have read the benefits of yoga online. I recently bought myself a small mat, just a regular mat not those overpriced yoga mats. (My sentiments) I have just signed up for some excellent yoga classes on YouTube for beginners. I know! Right…? Everything is online these days.

So, this is my 2017 challenge; to improve my wellness and well-being by practicing yoga and eating right.

What’s yours? Please share. Oh and happy New year. I’m assuming it’s not too-too late yet.