Where to get 100% African Handmade Crafts


It’s that time of the year again. The festive season is here, and we all have plans to get our loved ones unique and precious gift. How about something with an African touch?

There are a variety of African curios that can blow their mind. Trust me. And I know just where you can get these amazing stuff.

Here is a shortlist where you can buy the Maasai handmade crafts if you are visiting Nairobi.


Kijabe Street Park next to Nairobi River.

-Prestige Plaza along Ngong Road.


Capital Center along Mombasa road.
Thursday The Junction – Ngong road.
Upper car park at The Village market along
Limuru Road & Lavington Mall.
The High Court parking – City Center opposite Re-Insurance Plaza

-Prestige Plaza along Ngong road.
Sunday Car park outside the Yaya Center along Valley Road in Hurlingham.
Monday to Sunday  Galleria mall, along Langata road.



23 thoughts on “Where to get 100% African Handmade Crafts

      1. Good thing they have you, All they have to do is put together an awesome profile showing their wonderful works and hand it to great bloggers such as yourself to help publicize, then build a chain of individuals all over Africa to help market and advertise then subsequently go worldwide.


    1. Now you are talking Desmond. I have great plans underway to help market their crafts and enable them to showcase the rich African culture to the world. My dream is to see these awesome handmade designs worn, loved and appreciated internationally. Also, it will make the livelihood of these awesome Craftsmen improve and create employment. Thank you for appreciating my efforts

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  1. Awesome artowrk their and thanks for pointing out the locations will be paying a visit soon since and also in the business of stone carvings.We have some beautiful stone art from Kisii highlands which you might be interested.


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