So today, I want us to address the ‘touchy-feely’ topic on older men dating younger women or vice versa.  Now, let’s get one thing clear here. I am not talking about younger women dating married men, nor am I encouraging such behavior.  But it has come to my consciousness that these days the knowledge of young women dating older men hardly raises an eyebrow.

Naturally, women who are younger have this clear, definite appeal that goes past the “physical beauty” when going out with older men; you get an entirely different FEELING. Younger women carry an amazing refreshing youthful and energetic air to all aspects of your life.

But first, we need to define, what we mean by “much younger women.” These girls are usually between the age of 20 – 25, and it’s very much possible to attract and date them.

I have observed with much amusement how older guys are going through a tough time trying to please these young ladies.

So if you’re an older guy – possibly between the ages of 30 – 40 – and you want to meet far younger women, here is my list of top 10 secrets to getting you started.

  1. Dress well
    A number of men between the ages of 35 – 40 are most likely faced with, uneven skin tone and a body out of shape and they have not given a second thought about their physical appearance. Unfortunately, they tend to try to keep up with the trends of the younger men in dressing. Making you look like a desperate and needy man.

    So just stop. Now is the time for creating a capsule wardrobe, investing in the smooth canvas of smart, high-quality, unique pieces that won’t hide your distinguishing features. You’re old and wise enough to know better.

  2. Be calm and relaxed
    When you come across a young woman you feel attracted to, and you stop acting like “yourself. “ you will perform all manner of things when you are nervous and start saying things like;

“Young people nowadays are so ____.

Thus, making your date feel uneasy and give her the Heebie-jeebies. So relax, take a deep breath and have a good time.

  1. Be open about your past
    Whether you are divorced, have kids or had a long stint in a sanctuary for the criminally insane. Obviously, there’s no one perfect, but just because she has not had the same experience, doesn’t mean that she won’t be able to relate to your issues and life; open up and she might surprise you with the wisdom and advice she has to offer.
  2. Watch how you talk
    Younger women tend to end up being attached to older men quickly and easily because they are not in control of their emotions. As a rule, avoid seeing her more than three times in a week if you can help it, and keep your interactions limited. Otherwise, she will end up being dependent on you.
  3. Don’t assume you know better
    Keep a check on your tone; you may think you have all the answers, but don’t be patronizing, be supportive instead. Otherwise, this will lead to additional arguments that you know you have little experience in handling them.
  4. Don’t be taken advantage of
    I’m saying this with much caution because unless, of course, you would like her too – it’s totally fine. This applies if you want a short relationship – VERY SHORT relationship.

    Otherwise; you know what you are looking for, a young woman who is impressed by the size of your “heart” or “wallet”. This way, you will know when to meet her demands and when to avoid them. She is a woman after all, not a kid.

  5. Establish boundaries
    It’s obvious that you are older and in a different stage in life, so if you’re just enjoying a short relationship, make sure she isn’t shopping around for wedding dresses.

Also, if you’re getting attached and she’s probably leaving for her further studies overseas or something, for maybe a year or two, you should probably have a great time and not have the awkward conversation about “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

  1. Don’t take advantage
    Please, don’t be the “icky older man” that “tries something” with her. She has probably encountered one of those types of people.

That’s why, when you’re going out with a young woman, you have to be VERY-ALERT, funny and any unpredictable behavior will put her off for good.

If you attempt to take advantage of her or make a questionable move too early, you’ll alert her you have “pervert traits.” You will lose her trust, and she might end the relationship before it even begins.

  1. Don’t be possessive
    When courting younger women, keep in mind that they have their lives outside your relationship together. Don’t go to see her unexpectedly at her workplace. Don’t embarrass her unless you want an attractive young woman to disappear from your life because of your insecurities.
  2. Be the Leader
    As a rule, women aren’t impressed by men who don’t take charge, and that rule applies to younger women too. In most cases, younger women do not have a sense of the right direction in their lives and you being the older and wise. Make the right and informed decisions.
  3. Expect change in her as time goes by
    In case you are going out with a younger woman, keep in mind that her life will keep changing over the next couple of years. Expect and encourage growth, and urge her to follow her dreams and become who she wants to be.

It has been said that girls mature faster than guys; furthermore, research has shown that younger women prefer to date older men. And that is proven by the trend nowadays, seems like older men are like gold dust on the dating scene right now. After all, age is nothing but a number. Learn to enjoy life. You only live once.