7 Ways of making that Perfect Cup of Coffee

My family is staunch on taking tea with lot’s milk. So growing up, I had no idea why coffee was such a favorite for so many people. I had this vague belief that coffee was just coffee. Period! I wasn’t a fan of milk, so when everyone else was taking tea, I would make myself a cup of black tea. (Water, sugar and tea leaves) My parents thought that was wired; everyone would complain I’m not having a healthy drink Blah! Blah! Blah!!


But I didn’t care! My drink was either black tea, cocoa or nothing at all. As a result, my parents came to accept my choices, and I would have my stash of cocoa or chocolate drinks in the kitchen cabinet. To tell the truth, I was first introduced to coffee tasting on my first job soon after completing my high school at the Java Coffeehouse.
That is where everything changed. I fell “head over heels” in love with coffee. I now can’t do without my mug coffee. In fact, I find it more relaxing and fun brewing it on my own at home. I am proud to say Kenya is among the countries with the best coffee in the world. Whoop whoop!!!!

Below is a list of ways to prepare your coffee.

cofe beanss.jpg
Double shot of espresso with froth on top.

Café Au Lait
Half coffee with half hot milk.

Chai Latte’
Half steamed milk with half of our Kenyan brewed chai and a dash of vanilla syrup.

Espresso is a rich caramel flavored drink with steamed milk and less froth.

late und.jpg

Espresso with steamed milk, whipped cream (optional) and chocolate.

Coffee brewed through forcing a small amount of water that is almost boiling under pressure through finely ground beans.coffe.jpg

Red Eye
Coffee with a shot of espresso.

All these are excellent and delicious beverages, but I have one major drink that will blow your mind if you are a coffee lover. By the way, I have tried to recruit my husband in the club, but he is a tea person forever. I have humbly accepted defeat on that part. But I have a younger brother by the name of Patrick who is fun so we are always thinking of all kinds of interesting ways to make coffee. Who knows? We could stumble on something and make a killing. LOL!

My favorite coffee is a dark, warm, hot brew. Legend has it that coffee was discovered by a shepherd boy named Khalid, whose sheep was feeding on the red berry of the lean Bush. Khalid ran to the monks and gave them the fruit, and that is how coffee began it’s journey across the world.

Method of preparation

  • Empty water into a pot and out sugar into it.
  •  When the water boils, remove it from the stove.
  •  Mix in the unique locally available brands of your preference. I will give you my top three brands in my next article. Kindly mix the coffee according to how you would like it to taste. Some love a strong cup of coffee others prefer a mild cup of coffee.
  •  Place the pot back on the oven and stir it slowly, leave it there for about thirty seconds and once it starts to boil again remove it from the oven and place it on your kitchen counter or a place you set your hot stuff on.
  • Leave your coffee for 1 to 2 minutes for the coffee residues to settle at the bottom of the pot.
  •  Now you can serve the dark, rich, aromatic beverage and enjoy its pleasant taste and smell. You can add milk if you would like. And serve it with a cookie or two or whatever snack you prefer.coffee.jpg

I hope you are a lover of coffee and if not, try out this recipe, and I am sure you will love it. Coffee is great because it will keep you active and more alert throughout your day.

Be blessed.


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