Getting Real with God

Prayer. Struggle. Fears

ISAIAH 40:31

I have been talking for ages on how I will have my blog up and running in one or two years.  A blog centered on God,  Personal development, cooking and a variety of different topic in between. But for some reason, something has been holding back. “Could it be fear? Procrastination? Maybe my lack of enough knowledge?” “Or… wait for it […] too much knowledge, creativity and ideas?” [Rolls eyes] I know right!! There’s nothing ‘I think’ as too much ‘knowledge’, ‘creativity’ or ‘ideas.’ Or is there? I don’t know. I just don’t know.

Hence, I started talking to my husband and asking him all kinds of questions on how to set up a blog, which template is the best to use, topics to talk about blah blah. blah… The list is endless. And aw www!! My wonderful husband, I call him my big baby (Don’t judge peeps).

He was very patient with me. Answering each and every annoying question I had. In fact, some of the stuff I asked was so obvious it was ridiculous. Even to me. Anything to keep me from writing my blog post and at the same time, I still wanted to sound and look busy doing it. I have no idea if I make sense on that but that is how confused I was.

So one day, I think either had enough or he was feeling sorry for his poor frustrated wife. One afternoon, he sat me down. We had a small [blog] thing crisis chat and he put me up to a challenge. And the challenge ladies and gentlemen was. I sit and just write. Let everything I have flow on pen and paper… Okay, Keyboard and monitor. Who I’m I kidding? (sigh!)  Of course, my wonderful big baby had set up my word press blog and did everything that needed to be done. Let’s not get all technical here. I have enough on my mind already. Hahahahaha!


Did I tell you my big baby is a genius, awesome and brilliant graphics designer? I know right. And so I, Celestin, embarked on my project write my first blog post. Fast forward one week… “Oh my God!” my husband proclaimed. “This is a great post. I love it.” He was so proud of me. You could see it in his eyes. However, something happened again in between celebrating my first blog post for two days. (It’s silly I know). I had nothing to write. I had an idea of what I wanted to write but it was all in this mixed jungle of thoughts and ideas in my head…

Catch up with my progress in my next post


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