Easy Recipes

Hi there!

So, first and foremost, let me get one thing straight. I am not a trained chef. But I loooooooooove to cook. I have had my disasters in the kitchen. But lucky for me, I have a husband who is always cheering me on (he’s my taste).

Now, I think it’s right to say that I’m in a better position to cook great meals because I have been watching YouTube videos and reading food blogs and magazines.



Cooking is an art and it relaxes (depending on what you are cooking). I will share what I have learned, some of the recipes I have modified a little, ingredient and produces readily available in East Africa and my newly acquired techniques around the kitchen.

I might not be a great cook (for now). But I can make a mean drink. Hot or cold. I am your guy. And ladies and gentlemen I will be generous with my methods of preparation.

Here is the greatest part in all this. You get to share your recipe here whether you’re a chef or starting to cook, we can try cooking it here and learn a thing or two about food.

In short let’s share ideas, experience and expectations in the kitchen.

Join me in this cooking experience, let’s have fun, learn and create beautiful and tasty recipes together.fresh-colorful-fruits-and-vegetables-picjumbo-com.jpg

Cooking is a learning process. Looking forward to becoming an accomplished  self-made CHEF. (someday…)


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